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Othello is a 1988 video game published by Acclaim Entertainment, made for the Nintendo Entertainment System. An earlier version of the game was released on the Atari 2600 in 1980.[1] Othello is based on the board game Reversi, which was marketed as Othello. It is similar to both chess and checkers.


Basically, there are two sided chips (also called discs) on a board. One side is black, and one side is white. Yours are the black chips and your opponents are the white. You can play the computer or another player. The goal is to end the game with as many chips showing your color as possible. To do this, you must sandwich your opponents chip(s) between a piece (showing your own color) currently on the board, and the piece you're putting down. The game has four skill levels when playing the computer, as well as a hidden fifth level if you beat the computer on level four.

There is supposedly a slot machine game that is revealed when pressing Select + A at the main menu screen (the word slot will appear atop the screen, and the game is said to start after you complete a two player game), however some users have reported that nothing happens after the word "slot" shows up and they play through the two player game.

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